Who am I?

johnblackshirtI am currently a third year Software Engineering student at the Florida Institute of Technology (F.I.T) located in Melbourne, FL. While I stay dedicated to my school work, I am also dedicated to my family and developing quality software. I put this site together so anyone who wants to know a little bit about me, what type of projects that I've been working on, and what type of projects that I've worked on could know. This site is also directed towards future employers who want to know who is "John A. Stevens II" ?

Besides going to school full time, I am currently employed at Staples (yes the office store), and also at F.I.T in the Information Technology department developing software for Enterprise Services. For information on projects developed for Enterprise Services check the Past Projects and Current Projects sections. I also develop random programs in my free time which can also be found on the pages mentioned in the previous sentence. Well that is who I am so feel free to check out my projects, help section and/or contact me.

Thanks for Visiting my site,
John A. Stevens II

My Family

This section contains pictures of me and my family. My wife Kiona, my daughter Aisha, my dog Pixel and me John.

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